Niki White holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso and has been published in the own voices anthology, Artificial Divide (Renaissance Press). She has also been hired to write about me sections for other people's  websites, eulogies, and wedding toasts. Blind since birth, she is a tv snob, singer, theater-goer, traveler, and can often be found analyzing lyrics and fictional passages.

      More specifically regarding the singing, she is a Coloratura Soprano, meaning she can, and often does, hit all the high notes in things like The Phantom of the Opera and The Greatest Showman.  Won 3rd place in the Musical Theatre Treble II division of the Fall 2021 National Student Auditions- Las Vegas Chapter.

   She has very strong opinions about musicals, and the Tony Awards are her Superbowl. Some of her other favorite things include books, half the fantasy genre, myths, YA, mysteries, rollercoasters, chocolate-chip-cookies (but they have to be soft!), snickerdoodles, yoga, various Disney and Pixar projects, The Parent Trap, fairy tales, witty banter, opera, Jane Austen, various audiobook narrators, retellings.

      Niki lives in Las Vegas Nevada, and before you ask, she has never gambled and never will.